Diabetes Victoria employs approximately 180 people across our organisation.

Our staff hold diverse roles, covering various areas of our organisation from program management, education and advocacy, retail operations, administration, research, call centre, warehousing and clothing collection drivers. Our offices are located in Melbourne, Carlton, Campbellfield and Belmont.

Read all about our recruitment process, our employee benefits and a list of current employment opportunities.

Recruitment Process

Diabetes Victoria works to best practice recruitment methodologies, and we aim to be inclusive, transparent, fair and unbiased in all recruitment that we undertake. We adhere to all the relevant legislation and guidelines in recruiting new staff, including but not limited to the Equal Opportunity, Anti-Discrimination, and Fair Work Acts.

To be considered for a position at Diabetes Victoria, there are several things to be aware of. The following information may assist in increasing your chances of being successful with your application.
Prepare your documents

For each role you apply for you must include the following documents:

1.  Cover letter

Your cover letter should be no longer than one page, and cover the following topics:

  • An introduction to your background: a BRIEF summary of the work experience you have that is relevant to the role, and WHY it is relevant. This should be no more than two paragraphs.
  • A summary of the key competencies (as distinct from the experience you have) that you can bring to this role. Examples may include (if relevant) organisational skills, stakeholder management, communication skills etc. This section should be no more than two paragraphs.
  • A summary of why this specific job is of interest to you (not including the above information). This should be no more than one paragraph.
  • A summary of why you want to work at Diabetes Victoria. For example, you may talk about your interest or motivation for selecting Diabetes Victoria as your next potential employer. This should be no more than one paragraph.

2.  Resume/CV

You resume/CV should be prepared in the following way:

  • It should have all current contact details, including the most appropriate phone number, residential address and email address.
  • It should be in a Word document or PDF only, in an easy to read font, between 10-12 pt. Creative resumes/CV’s that include graphics, pictures etc are acceptable for appropriate roles.
  • You should include sections for contact details, employment history, education and qualifications, volunteering and community activities, and referees. Also include whatever additional information you feel is relevant to your application.

Take note of application deadlines
As we receive a high volume of applications for most of our roles, we typically do not accept late applications, even if advertisments are still posted on any websites. Please take special note of the closing date and submit your application prior to this time. Late applications are accepted solely at our own discretion.
Ways to apply:

Directly through the ‘apply now’ button on the job ad, if viewing through Seek, Ethical Jobs etc.

Email HR at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Please ensure you quote the title of the role you are applying for, as well as the reference number if you are applying this way).
Application receipt

Generally, email notifications will be provided to acknowledge that your application has been received.


We aim to shortlist each role within 2–4 days of the advertised closing date where possible. Our shortlisting is based on the information you have provided in your application documents, so please ensure you read and understand what we require you to prepare.

Diabetes Victoria conducts behavioural based interviews for all positions. A behavioural-based interview question will ask you for an example of a situation that you have experienced where certain competencies were required, that we feel are relevant to the job you have applied for.

The internet is a good source of information on how to understand and prepare answers to these type of questions. Our interviews last for between 30 minutes to 1 hour, and you typically will be interviewed by the hiring manager, as well as a representative from HR, or the team the role is based in.

Depending on the outcome of the first round of interviews, we may conduct a second interview. You may meet further staff member at this time. If relevant, you may also be asked to participate in a task based assessment or presentation.

Post interviews

If you are the preferred applicant, we will ask your permission to conduct reference checks. We require at least one referee to be a person who has managed you in the past, preferably from your current position, or at most from your most recent previous position. Please ensure their contact details are up to date and they are expecting a call from us.

Diabetes Victoria conducting reference checks is not a guarantee of employment, or indicative of an offer being prepared.
Once we have compiled this information, and a hiring decision has been made, if you are successful you will receive a verbal offer of employment, followed by official paperwork endorsed by our Chief Executive Officer.


Unsuccessful interviewees will be notified via phone once the position has been accepted by the preferred candidate. Those applicants who haven't been successful for interview will be notified via email.

Employee Benefits

We consider the employment of every individual to be an important factor in the growth and success of our organisation.
Our aim is to provide all employees with a focused direction, clear expectations of performance, ongoing support, the best possible working conditions and enjoyment in their work.
We consider our employees to be the most valuable resource available to us and we encourage the innovative ideas that come with staff contribution.
As a peak consumer body in a health-related area, we are also committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our employees.
Our holistic Health and Wellbeing Program promotes a healthy work environment by offering:

  • Salary packaging to the maximum allowable of $15,900 per annum
  • Paid maternity leave
  • 'Meal Entertainment' and 'Venue Hire' salary packaging options
  • Internal promotion and transfer opportunities
  • Annual performance reviews for professional development
  • Training and professional development opportunities
  • Undercover bicycle parking (available to the Melbourne and Carlton staff)
  • Fitness initiatives
  • Staff social club activities and events
  • Fresh fruit
  • Relaxation massage
  • Various health and wellbeing activities
  • Annual flu vaccination
  • Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) and first aid training
  • Employee Assistance Program