Help us support families living with diabetes

Meet the Macpherson family.

Shannon and Brett Macpherson and their three beautiful children: twins Connor and Ayden, and Isabella are a typical Victorian family, dealing with a tremendous burden.

Their journey started in 2007, when 4 year old Connor was given the life-changing diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Soon after Connor’s diagnosis, Isabella, then aged 2, was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Fast forward five years and the challenges of two children with type 1 were further compounded through Ayden’s diagnosis, joining his siblings in a routine he knew all too well.

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Together, we can make a difference by supporting families with diabetes.

Living with type 1 diabetes can be a struggle; families will often build a medical care team around their children out of necessity, but beyond basic survival there are so many more needs for these children.  While we make significant contributions to research, our programs and services focus on day-to-day support and management. But we can’t do it without you!

Your gift enables more Victorian children and families living with type 1 diabetes to access critical programs and services like our life-changing camps, education resources and information for schools, support groups, advocacy and education events.

Often, a family and child’s first interaction with Diabetes Australia – Vic is through our camps program. “Before the camps, the boys weren’t interested in thinking about their medication, but then they got to see all the other kids and learn about managing their insulin themselves and were more motivated to take on the responsibility”, said Shannon.

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We can't do our work without you.

Shannon told us that if you say the words “Diabetes Australia – Vic” to her children, they’ll light up and tell you about their experience at the camps and the friends they’ve made. But Diabetes Australia – Vic has a different meaning to parents – for them, we represent education programs, support, advice, family days, advocacy and research.

Please consider the Macpherson family this Christmas and give a gift that matters today.

Thank you.