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Professor Lea

Professor Lea Delbridge

Support diabetes research

In 2013, we contributed over $1.7 million to diabetes research – funding many important studies across Australia.

Our nationally-scoped research program relies on the generosity of organisations and individuals like you. Please consider supporting innovative research programs and the work of researchers such as Professor Lea Delbridge and her colleagues at The University of Melbourne, who received funding this year to improve our understanding of the links between diabetes and heart health.

Professor Delbridge's research focuses on the links between diabetes and heart muscle damage:


 "It is well known that heart disease is more likely to occur in people living with diabetes. Recently our research has revealed that the muscle cells in hearts with impaired insulin responses are vulnerable to a form of cell death known as autophagy. We have also discovered that the way in which stressed hearts handle glucose storage (in the form of glycogen) is different in female and male hearts." 

– Professor Lea Delbridge


Together, we can make a difference by investing in diabetes research.

With your support, we can launch new initiatives to advance the scope of diabetes research in Australia. Giving to our cause today will support the continued work of many dedicated researchers, in conducting meaningful diabetes research and discovering new strategies for managing the condition.


We can't do our work without you.

Please give as much as you can now, before the end of the financial year on 30 June. Your tax deductible donation will make a significant contribution to diabetes research in the coming year.

Thank you.