A Gift in Your Will

Providing a Gift in your Will to Diabetes Australia – Vic strengthens our long term ability to provide vital programs and services for people living with diabetes, to fund diabetes research and to help minimize the impact of diabetes on the community. Thank you for considering a legacy to our organization.

The Will:

Making a Will is the positive process of creating a legal document which specifies:

  1. The people and organizations (the beneficiaries) who matter to you, and how you want to provide for them when you pass away;
  2. The money and property (the estate) that you own and how you would like these assets to be distributed to your beneficiaries;
  3. The person or organization (the executor) who you trust to carry out the instructions in your Will; and
  4. Any other instructions. For example, guardians for dependent children; care of your pets; funeral arrangements; etc.

Without a valid Will, your estate is likely to be distributed in accordance with a Government formula that specifies which relatives are entitled to what portion of your estate. Such circumstances do not provide for distributions to friends, charities or other organizations that you may favour.

It is desirable for every adult to have a valid Will. We recommend that advice be sought from a solicitor or other suitably qualified legal advisor, when making a Will.


If you require any assistance with leaving a Gift in your Will to Diabetes Australia – Vic please contact Trevor Bailey on (03) 9667-1754 (email: tbailey@diabetesvic.org.au) or Arnis Stonis on (03) 8648-1828 (email: astonis@diabetesvic.org.au). Trevor and Arnis are not solicitors and do not give legal advice. However, they have a wealth of experience and can assist by:

  1. Providing details of our recommended Will wording for a gift to Diabetes Australia – Vic. This wording will vary depending on whether the gift is a cash amount; a specific asset; a portion of the estate; or the residuary of the estate;
  2. Discussing options for the allocation of your Gift. For example, your Gift may be applied to diabetes research, children with diabetes, diabetes education….or perhaps simply for general purposes (eg to be used to satisfy the organization’s most urgent need at the time the Gift becomes available);
  3. Providing contact details of suitably qualified solicitors, where there is no existing family solicitor;
  4. Referring you to general information about Will preparation and estate planning, that is practical, informative and easy to read (usually books and other published information);
  5. Providing you with a Codicil document format where you may wish to make a simple change to your Will with the aid of a Codicil document;
  6. Discussing other options for making a Gift to a charity (other than via a Will) but which would also only be effective on the day a person passes away; and
  7. Supplying information about matters related to estate planning such as the use of different types of Powers of attorney (ie financial, medical, Guardianship, etc). Again, printed documents are available.

Our Donor Relations Officers, Trevor and Arnis, are happy to assist you not only regarding Wills but also in regard to any other support you may wish to give to Diabetes Australia – Vic. Please do not hesitate to contact them (refer above contact details) if you have any questions.

Please Tell Us:

If you have already made a Gift in your Will to Diabetes Australia – Vic, or intend to do so shortly, please let us know. We do not need to be told the amount of the Gift (unless you wish to do so) as we already know the value of the average Will Gift that we receive. However, we do need to know your name and address, for confirmation purposes and to avoid double counting of anticipated Will Gifts in the future. You can advise us by contacting our Donor Relations Officers, Trevor Bailey or Arnis Stonis.

PLEASE NOTE:  Any advice to us about a Gift in your Will, shall be held in strictest confidence. We will respect any request for anonymity. We will also not contact you again about the Gift in your Will, unless we have your consent to do so.

We ask that you advise of the Gift in your Will for two reasons:

  1. We would like to thank you for your kindness; and
  2. It is useful for us to know the total number of expected Gifts from Wills, for long term planning purposes. We have to make some long term operational decisions, from time to time, and it provides an added level of financial comfort to know the level of support that we can expect from Will Gifts in future years.