Pictorial guide to healthy eating

The pictorial guide to healthy eating is targeted at individuals who may have difficulty reading and understanding large amounts of complex written information.

The pictures convey the message of healthy eating in simple language that is easy to understand, so that individuals are able to visually see the types of foods to eat more of and those to eat less of.

This resource is suitable for all adults and teenagers, including people with diabetes and those wanting to lose weight. Topics that are presented include the different food groups, recommendations for each food group, the concept of portion sizes, healthy snacks, healthy cooking methods, buying healthy foods on a budget and sample meal plans.

This resource is also available in other languages including Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Greek and Italian. Each resource presents culturally appropriate food choices. A&TSI specific booklets are also available.

To order this resource please visit our publications site. The cost is $1.10 per booklet and postage charges will apply for interstate deliveries.

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