Our advocacy program helps when you:

  • Face discrimination or problems while at work and other areas of public life
  • Need help to secure your rights
  • Want help to say what you want to say
  • Need help to link to the services that you need
  • Have suggestions on how to improve diabetes information, services and policies.

Each year up to 700 people with diabetes have been helped to:

  • Find affordable insurances when travelling overseas, or updating income protection and life insurance
  • Stand up for their rights when starting a new job or making changes at their work due to diabetes
  • Link school staff to diabetes education so that a student could attend a camp
  • Get a health care card from Centrelink to meet some of the out-of-pocket costs of diabetes medicines and supplies
  • Talk about the “ups and downs” of living with diabetes. Find out where to get lower cost counselling from a health professional and link to a diabetes support group close to home
  • Lobby for better services for people with diabetes in their community
  • Speak with a community lawyer.

Contact Us

You can contact our advocacy coordinator by calling 1300 136 588, via email or use our webform.

Advocacy Services Frequently Asked Questions