Pregnancy and pre-existing diabetes

Women with diabetes have an equal chance of having a healthy baby if you become pregnant at a time when your diabetes is controlled and general health is good.  It is highly recommended that women with diabetes plan their pregnancies. From “Can I Have a Healthy Baby?”

If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes it is important to plan your pregnancy.  By maintaining your blood glucose levels within 4-7mmol/L, you have the same likelihood of having a healthy pregnancy and baby as a woman without diabetes.

If you are considering having a baby, you need to be informed and educated about how to manage your diabetes during pregnancy. Some hospitals offer a pre-pregnancy clinic as part of their diabetes services. This clinic is an ideal opportunity for you to speak with an endocrinologist, obstetricians, dietitian and diabetes nurse educator.

Our Pregnancy program includes

  • “Can I Have a Healthy Baby?” is a free information booklet written by DA–Vic in collaboration with the Australasian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society (ADiPS) and Type 1 Diabetes Network.  Topics include:

    • Preparing for your healthy baby
    • Nutrition in pregnancy
    • Activity in pregnancy
    • Insulin changes during pregnancy
    • Labour and birth
    • Breastfeeding


  • Information sessions held at hospitals in metropolitan and regional Victoria. Expert speakers include endocrinologists and obstetritians with a special interest in diabetes and pregnancy. The next session is on Thursday 12 June 2014. See the event flyer here. To book into this free event call 1300 136 588.
  • Information DVDs on real life experiences of diabetes and pregnancy as well as information from health professionals.
  • Information and support is offered by the type 1 diabetes program team and diabetes educators.  Call 1300 136 588 and ask to speak with one of the team.
  • Personal stories can provide inspiration and hope.


'Having a Healthy Baby' is a DVD which contains two short films about diabetes and pregnancy. Hear from women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who are planning a pregnancy, already pregnant or had a baby, as they share their personal stories. Health professionals provide clinical advice. Call 1300 136 588 for your free copy.