The Face of Diabetes in Australia

The Face of Diabetes in Australia campaign was launched during National Diabetes Week 14–20 July 2013.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of all types of diabetes and emphasises the human face of diabetes. It also draws attention to the very significant financial implications of diabetes and the need for the Commonwealth Government to urgently develop and implement a new national diabetes strategy.

We are calling on all Australians, including the almost 1.1 million who are currently diagnosed with diabetes, to talk to their MP or send a letter to their MP or the Commonwealth Minister for Health advocating for a new national diabetes strategy.

Recent research indicates that, by the year 2025, up to 3 million Australians over the age of 25 years will have diabetes. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Visit for more information on how you can help.

In 2014, National Diabetes Week will run from 13-19 July.