Grants and Funding

DA–Vic offer some grants and funding opportunities to researchers and our Health Professional Member base.

Diabetes Australia Research Program

The Diabetes Australia Research Program was established in 1987 to support diabetes research in Australia. Peer reviewed grants are awarded to fund research into the prevention, management and cure of diabetes and to enable and foster young and upcoming diabetes researchers.

The Diabetes Australia Research Program relies on the generosity and support of member organisations, corporates and individual donors. Every extra dollar ensures more vital research is undertaken.

You can support the Diabetes Australia Research Program by way of tax deductible donations, estates or sponsorships. For information about how to donate to diabetes research go to donations.

More information about past and current Diabetes Australia Research Program grant recipients.

The Gwen Scott Grant is offered to any of our Health Professional members planning to pursue any diabetes-related professional development. Read more about it in the Health Professionals section.