Children and Adolescents

We have a range of activities, resources and services dedicated to meeting the needs of children and adolescents with diabetes.

Diabetes and school
Diabetes Camps Victoria
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Diabetes and school

Diabetes Australia – Vic (DA–Vic) recognises that most Victorian schools will have students with type 1 diabetes.Sometimes these students require support from teachers and school staff to manage their diabetes.

Teachers and school staff require current health information to assist students with diabetes participate in school life to the fullest.

To assist we have put together, diabetes and school, a page with all the our information about supporting children, parents, teachers and schools.

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Diabetes Camps Victoria

Independence through Adventure

The Camps program which is managed by a consortium of Diabetes Australia – Vic, the Royal Children's Hospital and Monash Children's (Southern Health) provides five camps throughout the year for children aged 4 to 17 years.

Camps are supported by a team of health professionals, volunteer camp leaders and coordinators and provide a fantastic opportunity for young people to be among peers with diabetes, share their experiences and learn from one another in a fun and relaxed environment.

TEAM T1 - Teens Empowered to Actively Manage Type 1 Diabetes

TEAM T1 is a 5-day group education program designed for teenagers aged 14 – 18 years with type 1 diabetes and their parents. It has been adapted for adolescents from the Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating program (DAFNE), a program for adults with type 1 diabetes, which teaches people the skills needed to achieve intensive insulin therapy with multiple daily injections (MDI).  More information and program dates



Adolescence can be a difficult time for many young people as they learn to manage new-found freedom and autonomy in a confusing world of new experiences.  If you add management of a complicated medical condition into this equation, it is easy to see how healthcare can be placed into the "too hard – I'll do that later" basket. More information on Transition page.


We produce a number of resources which are specifically designed to be used by children and young people and some that are suitable for all ages.  Resources can be downloaded and can also be ordered by calling 1300 136 588.

High and Low (450KB PDF) is an informative fold out information card which provides the answers to some frequently asked questions and dispels some diabetes myths. This card is for children and adolescents with diabetes to hand out to their friends.

Diabetes & Eating Disorders (245KB PDF) is an information booklet  that has been developed for people with type 1 diabetes, their families and friends to explain the different types of eating disorders and why people with type 1 diabetes may have a higher risk of developing an eating disorder.

Insulin Pump Information booklet (990KB PDF) provides the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about insulin pump therapy.

Type 1 in The City series- The 2008 and 2009 series of Type 1 in the City (formerly  Six in the City) information evenings is now available on DVD and can be ordered by calling 1300 136 588.

Living with D-Kids - Parenting journey with type 1 diabetes has been adapted from a resource developed by the D-Kids Support Group, part of the Type 1 Peer Support Group Program at DA-Vic. This terrific booklet offers practical advice for families with a child with type 1 diabetes.

A Kid In Your Life is a handbook to help you when you share the care of your type 1 young person with family, friends and child care professionals. It provides information about every aspect of managing type 1, from what to do during a hypo to how to plan a healthy snack, as well as real life experiences and where to go for more support.

Events & activities

There are many information seminars and events throughout the year catering specifically to the needs of people with type 1 diabetes.  Some are designed around children such as the DA–Vic Family Fun Day during National Diabetes Week in July.   There is usually one Type 1 in the City session for children, teens and families. Other events are not necessarily for children but are open to parents who may benefit from the information presented.

Support Groups

The type 1 diabetes program at DA-Vic coordinates and supports a number of type 1 diabetes support groups in metropolitan Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria.  For more information the Type 1 Peer Support Group Coordinator can be contacted on (03) 5222 0837.