Full membership

You are eligible for full membership at Diabetes Victoria if you:

  • Are over the age of 26
  • Do not hold a concession card

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Concession membership

You are eligible for concession membership at Diabetes Victoria if you:

  • Hold a valid concession card
  • Are aged 22-25
  • Are aged 65 or over

"At 84 years 'young' and after 27 years of living with type 2 diabetes, I find that there is still a lot to learn about my diabetes self-management.  My advice is to get personally involved in your own self-management, and make it that much easier on yourself!" - Reg Monash, member since 1999.

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Family membership

You are eligible for family membership at Diabetes Victoria if you have more than one individual living with diabetes in your household.

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Health professional membership

You are eligible for health professional membership at Diabetes Victoria if you are a health professional; e.g. dietitian, general practitioner, diabetes nurse educator, endocrinologist.

Health professional membership with Diabetes Victoria comes with the following additional benefits:

  • Gwen Scott Grant, applications only open to health professional members
  • Discounted attendance at our health professional events and workshops
  • Diabetes Management Journal - online access to the quarterly peer-reviewed health professional publication

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Kids and Teens membership

Diabetes Victoria provides a free kids & teens membership to those living with diabetes that are under the age of 22.
For those who are eligible for this membership - After registering with the NDSS you will automatically become a Diabetes Victoria member and you will be sent a welcome pack and membership card.

To make sure you have a free Kids and Teens membership with Diabetes Victoria, please contact the membership team on 03 9667 1790 or membership@diabetesvic.org.au

"Whether it's being able to phone an advocate to discuss an issue happening at your child's school, attend an information session, or watch your child gain confidence and feel less alone after going to a camp.  The work Diabetes Victoria do is so important, and really can help on a practical basis." - Tia Snoek, mother of member Leila (aged 6)

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