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Diabetes is one of the greatest health challenges faced by our community.
Did you know that 1 Australian is diagnosed with diabetes every 5 minutes? 
Diabetes is a challenging, relentless and expensive condition to manage.
Diabetes often takes a serious emotional toll on those living with the condition, as well as close family members.
At Diabetes Victoria we’re dedicated to reducing the impact of diabetes.
We strive to empower people living with diabetes to self-manage their condition, their way, with confidence.
Meaghan's story is a wonderful example of the life-long impact our programs, such as Diabetes Victoria Camps,
can have on the lives of those affected by diabetes.
This Christmas, we’re urgently seeking your support to further fund diabetes research and life-changing programs.
Together we can create a world where diabetes can do no harm. 





Meaghan's Diagnosis

Meaghan was just seven years old when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The physical and emotional impact was significant. Injections, dietary restrictions, and restrictive scheduling all altered the course of her childhood.  

“I remember being in the paediatrician’s office. I cried on learning I had to have multiple daily injections for the rest of my life. After one week in hospital, I was sent home, somewhat unprepared, to face a life with diabetes.” 

Everyone in Meaghan’s life was extremely aware of Meaghan’s diabetes. Her mum was terrified by the risk of complications and managed every aspect of her life intensively. “My teachers didn’t have experience with the condition which caused fear”, Meaghan said. 

Meaghan’s parents were integral to her management of diabetes, and it was her mum who, after her first year living with the chronic condition, was intent on building a community of support around Meaghan and encouraged her to attend Diabetes Victoria Camps.

Camp How Diabetes Camp Changed Everything  

Camps provide a safe place where children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes meet others just like them. Diabetes is 'the norm' at Camp.
Together, the children gain confidence in managing their diabetes, through shared experiences and fun. Connecting with others who have the condition shows them they are not alone with this chronic condition.

“At diabetes camp, it was normalised. It wasn’t a big deal.
I wasn’t singled out or special in any way. I remember other
kids lining up for blood glucose checks with me. It was just normal
for us. There was no panic when something wasn’t right.
There was no need to explain.

Camps was such a fun and empowering experience that Meaghan went on to be a program leader!

In fact, Meaghan attended her first camp when she was 8 years old, graduated from a camper to a recreation leader and eventually led camps in her role as camp coordinator. To this day she has a strong support network of those who shared her experience of camps over the years.  

“Having friends with diabetes changed my life. Camps showed me that people with diabetes were out there living full and happy lives and that they were achieving amazing things.  I learnt about living life with diabetes from my new friends and from the incredible staff who also lived with diabetes.” 

What Happened Next


Meaghan went on to become a passionate health researcher and following the arrival of her family, she is now one of our very own staff here at Diabetes Victoria. She still speaks joyfully of the positive impact Diabetes Victoria had on her life through camps and carries that passion into her work to support others affected by diabetes. 

“I can’t overstate the importance of these
camps in establishing vital social support.
Knowing that you are not alone is so important.
Please support Diabetes Victoria with a donation today.”