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Diabetes Myth 5: People with diabetes can’t do certain jobs

Fact 5: People living with diabetes can strive for most jobs.

Some decades ago, there were many restrictions on the jobs and careers that people with diabetes could have. But times have changed, and so has diabetes management. Modern technologies and treatments mean it is much easier to manage and monitor everyday glucose levels. This means that most people can do whatever job they choose.

Nobody can discriminate against people with diabetes anymore. With few exceptions, people with diabetes can make their own career choices. They can teach, become a doctor, join the police force on a case-by-case basis, run their own business, safely drive a range of transport vehicles or even fly private airplanes.

Joe’s type 2 diabetes hasn’t stopped him doing the job he loves. Working for Diabetes Victoria’s collection business, Joe drives a truck around Melbourne and picks up donated clothes and small household items which are then recycled to raise money for diabetes.




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