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Elizabeth DlugoszElizabeth Dlugosz

is a diabetes nurse educator and the Diabetes Camps Victoria Program Leader. She applied for the Gwen Scott grant as it provides recognition and merit for the diabetes community as well as the professional community of diabetes nurse educators.

Elizabeth has benefitted from the Gwen Scott grant program twice. Her first successful application led her to travel to the USA in 2012. There she attended and observed a 3-week diabetes camp, run by the American Diabetes Association, in New Hampshire. From the trip she gained and brought back many new ideas to the Diabetes Camps Victoria program.

In 2020, Elizabeth was a successful Gwen Scott recipient again. With her current grant Elizabeth is further developing her counselling skills, which in turn benefits communication with families who engage with the camps program, as well as their children.

The Diploma of Counselling is a course comprising of 18 units, covering a wide range of topics; including the counselling relationship, methods of counselling (such as cognitive behavioural, solutions-focussed as well as acceptance and commitment therapy), grief and abuse counselling, and parenting & mindfulness training.

“By doing this course, I feel that I will be better prepared in supporting families, particularly those who attend Family Camp, as well supporting camp staff with strategies while attending camp,” Elizabeth says.

Diabetes management is continually changing, as well as the role of the diabetes educator. For that reason, it is vitally important that all health professionals working in the diabetes field maintain their skills and keep abreast of changes. In addition, further education helps develop and refine communication skills which Elizabeth is confident this course will help her achieve.

Although health professionals may have other means of workplace support to attend courses, or for professional development, the Gwen Scott grant program is especially geared for diabetes nurse educators and recognizes the pioneering work that Gwen Scott undertook in helping raise the profile and importance of nurses with specialist diabetes skills.

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