Diabetes Australia – Vic values the contribution of volunteers, who so generously give of their time, skills and knowledge. Volunteers are important advocates for DA-Vic’s work in reducing the impact of diabetes. We will ensure that all our volunteers have clearly-defined roles, rights and responsibilities, to guide DA-Vic staff in effectively involving them in our different areas of work.

We manage volunteers according to the standards set in the National Standards for Volunteer involvement in not-for-profit organisations, developed by Volunteering Australia, the national peak body for volunteering, in consultation with volunteer-involving organisations.

Types of volunteering at DA–Vic

Different types of volunteering occur in various teams at DA–Vic. Volunteers may be involved through any of the following:

  • ongoing – those who perform tasks on a regular basis, with duties such as assembling membership kits and a variety of materials for mail-outs
  • one-off – for single or seasonal events
  • camps volunteers - at kids’ camps
  • project volunteers – those engaged for a limited period of time to achieve specific project outcomes
  • employer-sponsored/corporate volunteers – through our Fundraising Department, which enters into agreements with companies and businesses with which DA–Vic has, or is seeking to develop, a relationship through their Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Volunteer opportunities will be listed on this website, as well as potentially on:
Seek Volunteer

Volunteers will be responsible for organising their own police and working with children checks. They will be reimbursed by DA–Vic if you are successful in obtaining a volunteer engagement with us. Reference checks will be conducted by the supervising staff member prior to an offer of volunteer engagement.

Please send your volunteering application to volunteer@diabetesvic.org.au with reference to the specific opportunity you are interested in.