Balancing blood glucose

To manage your blood glucose levels well you need to balance the amount of food you eat, the physical activity you do and the diabetes medication or insulin you take.

Your blood glucose level can be affected by:

  • Stress
  • Infection
  • Illnesses
  • Medications such as steroids
  • Alcohol


Normal blood glucose levels generally range between 3.5-8mmol/L and we know that these levels keep us feeling well and healthy. However, when you have diabetes, maintaining blood glucose levels within the recommended range is not always easy.

More information


Ask your doctor or diabetes educator for advice about how to manage your diabetes.

Speak to a Diabetes Nurse Educator on 1300 136 588 or via email .

To find a diabetes educator in your local community for ongoing education and support, contact your community health centre or hospital or the Australian Diabetes Educator Association (ADEA).

Disclaimer – information from our telephone Information Line is for general enquiries only.  Speak to your own doctor about your medical treatment. For emergencies dial 000.


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