The Life! program

The Life! program is for people at high risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.  The program encourages participants to adopt healthy behaviours and a more active lifestyle to reduce their risk of these three serious conditions. Funded by the Victorian Government and provided by Diabetes Australia – Victoria, Life! works with participants to help them achieve their behavioural goals and live a healthier life.

Key to the Life! program is the support participants gain from health professionals who are trained in preventative health. The participants receive support to improve their nutrition and increase physical activity to reduce their weight and waist circumference.

The Life! program is delivered in two different ways – through a group-based course or individual Life! telephone health coaching sessions.

To learn more about the Life! program and how you may be eligible to receive funding for patient referral to the program, please contact the Life! Primary Care Prevention Coordinator on 9667 1770 or visit