Driving and diabetes

Many people with diabetes keep well, have a long and safe driving history. Drivers with diabetes are legally required to notify VicRoads medical review if you have type 1 diabetes or have type 2 diabetes managed by insulin or blood glucose lowering medicines.

Notifying VicRoads

Steps to notify VicRoads medical review:Your diabetes medical specialist, (Endo) will complete a VicRoads medical report and send this to Vic Roads medical review staff by email, fax or letter

  • Keep a copy of this report for your records
  • Vic Roads medical review staff will send you a letter to let you know how often you need to send in future medical reports. Generally, for drivers with type 1 diabetes and those with type 2 requiring insulin driving a private car a medical report is needed every two (2) years. Every year if you drive a truck. Drivers of private cars with type 2 diabetes on blood glucose lowering medicines every five (5) years
  • VicRoads medical review rely on your doctors reports along with the National standards to assess if you are fit to drive
  • Drivers can appeal decisions made by VicRoads medical review
  • You can call DA-Vic’s advocacy team if you need help.

Here is the link to the VicRoads website section on diabetes along with a downloadable notification information sheet. To keep your driver’s license legal you need to notify.


Safe driving with diabetes

Drivers are encouraged to:

  • Keep well and stay connected to their health professional team and social/community networks
  • Seek out information on diabetes and driving
  • Take action to prevent and treat hypo’s while driving
  • If you think you have hypo un awareness speak to your diabetes health professional. For example diabetes educator.

National guidelines on assessing fitness to drive

Austroads and the National transport Commission produce,” Assessing Fitness to Drive for commercial and private vehicle drivers- medical standards for licensing and clinical management (2012).
For more information visit the Austroads website

Information and resources

  • NDSS diabetes and driving booklet. Copies can be ordered online 
  • NDSS information sheet driving and recent severe hypoglycaemia (“hypo”)
  • Vic Roads and the Victorian Older Drivers Handbook. Copies can be ordered from the Victorian Government Bookshop by calling 1300 366 356 or viewed on the VicRoads website

If you need help with about driving talk with your doctor and contact DA-Vic’s advocacy team on 1300 136 588 or email: mail@diabetesvic.org.au