For Purpose Commercial Solutions (FPCS) is an extension of the shared services and technology capabilities offered within Diabetes Victoria.

Our services are based on the expertise and experience developed within Diabetes Victoria, the leading charity and peak consumer body working to reduce the impact of diabetes within our community since 1953.

Beginning in 2011, Diabetes Victoria transformed its technology from disparate and legacy business systems and databases to current day, best-of-breed and integrated cloud technology solutions.

Since then, we have worked with other organisations to deliver similar solutions and grown to be one of the largest Salesforce adopters in the for-purpose organisations sector within Australia.

As our operations expanded, so too did our capabilities with integration to other critical business applications such as CMS, eCommerce, digital marketing automation, service centre based on SaaS telephony platform and BI reporting.

Whilst building our capabilities in these areas, we identified many other for-purpose organisations dealing with similar issues. For Purpose Commercial Solutions was established to deliver significant business improvements for other organisations.

Common challenges faced by for-purpose organisations
  • Disparate business systems and no single (CRM) view of Members, Donors and Supporters
  • Business activities and KPIs are difficult to measure or not available in a timely and accurate manner
  • Ineffective and costly email and sms blasts to customers with no segmentation and/or engagement tracking
  • Lack of customer facing support capabilities with integration to critical business systems
  • Back office Salesforce administration and support not available post/during the implementation
Meeting the challenges with FPCS
  • Central view of the contact from Salesforce NPSP Implementation and Migration
  • Central dashboards/ reporting through Custom Reporting and Data Analytics
  • Targeted and tracked Digital Marketing and Communication Campaign Delivery
  • Multichannel and integrated Managed Service Centre (Inbound & Outbound)
  • Certified Salesforce Admin delivering Training and Support

Our Services for Your Organisation

For Purpose Commercial Solutions offers a range of commercial solutions for small to medium not-for-profit organisations, delivering customised Salesforce NPSP solutions.

Our team are certified and will partner with you to ensure you get more from your investment in Salesforce. The range of services we offer are:


Salesforce NPSP Implementation and Migration 

Membership Management
  • Single view of Members and households
  • Membership sign-up and renewal/reminder automation
  • Relationships and organization affiliations
Engagement with program participants
  • Digital Marketing and Communications
  • Email and SMS campaigns with historical tracking, analytics
  • Journey automation
Donation and Grant Management
  • Integrated donation forms to process transactions via website and Salesforce
  • Track donations & manage grants, bequests, appeals
  • Recurring donations and pledges
  • Household giving history
  • Giving campaigns, soft credits and matching gifts
Database Migration
  • Transfer of data from legacy system(s) to Salesforce
  • Define proper mapping requirements
  • Clean, optimize, de-dupe and validate source data prior to migration
  • Create custom reports to validate record counts and migration summary
  • Review exception report to identify data not migrated
Engagement Management
  • Define & track engagement levels of constituents
  • Engagement with major donors
  • Case Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Event Management

Our Approach is intergrated and proven


 Custom Reporting and Data Analytics

  • Prepare and create reports to assist with ongoing (i.e., weekly, quarterly and annual) performance and quality management;
  • Produce reports that provide insights and campaign success metrics at all stages of any given campaign;
  • Design and run data extraction/segmentation to support targeted campaign strategies using a range of data tools and sources
  • Develop and implement variation of standard report templates, drill-down reporting templates, summary dashboards and other data visualisations templates (i.e., charts, geospatial);
  • Produce analysis that will inform the organisation of cohorts to communicate with (i.e., leads) and via which preferred channel (i.e., outbound call, direct mail, email or SMS); and
  • Produce applicable technical documentations to support data management processes.

 Digital Marketing and Communication Campaign Delivery

  • Consultation to determine requirements and the critical success factor of campaigns;
  • Source and develop filtered data extensions based on segmentation criteria/exclusions;
  • Development and integration of assets, including email and SMS content;
  • Scheduling and monitoring of campaign progress; and
  • Post campaign reporting and review.

 Managed Service Centre (Inbound & Outbound)

Fully managed Service Centre delivering inbound (inquiries, support, bookings) and outbound (sales, campaigns) activities.

  • Metropolitan and modern facilities with capacity to easily scale up as required
  • Large catchment area to attract and keep high calibre staff for future growth
  • Metropolitan and modern facilities in Melbourne Victoria, with capacity to easily scale up as required.

  • Highly skilled and experienced call agents
  • Learning and development-oriented culture
  • Flexibility and scalability through multiple employment models

  • Sophisticated cloud telephony (Genesys PureCloud) and CRM systems, integrated for screen pops, caller id, automated voice recording and CRM activity logging
  • Call blending and routing options based on channel, skills, teams and queues
  • Outbound automated dialler capability based on Power, Predictive, Preview and Progressive
  • Multi-channel communication options

 Training and Support

  • Basic Salesforce NPSP and third-party integration training sessions
  • Monthly administration and support by a certified Salesforce team, managed via online service desk

 Microsoft SharePoint Migration and Consultation

  • Migration of on-premise file share system to SharePoint online with Office 365 integration;
  • Records management, governance and document libraries; and
  • SharePoint intranet and sites implementation.
What we deliver for you
  • Reduced ICT maintenance risks, attributed to existing legacy and unsupported technologies
  • Alleviate internal technical systems support for critical business applications
  • Achieve higher systems availability for critical business applications
  • Improved operational efficiencies by leveraging technology and automation
  • Increased opportunities and more targeted approach for future campaigns, using historical trends (i.e., data -> information -> insights)
  • Multiple communication channels (i.e., email and SMS) could be utilised to tailor and maximise campaigns based on the ‘best tool for the job’ approach
  • Single source of truth for both Clients and Non-Client transactional data
  • Enhanced reporting and dashboard capabilities, with both push/pull delivery options
  • Cost of implementation recovered through reduced operational and administrative functions from more efficient processing and (where applicable) workflow automation
  • Derived effectiveness in better targeted campaigns for greater conversion achieved through centralised contact and engagement history data

Our rates are very competitive, and if you would like to know more about our services, or to discuss your CRM systems, Salesforce needs or integration issues contact on contact us on 1300 437 386 or

For more information For Purpose Commercial Solutions, click here to download the brochure.

Our Customers

More about us

Salesforce is Diabetes Victoria’s primary customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which manages our engagement with various stakeholders, providing a 360-degree view of our Members, Donors, and Supporters.

Our Mission

To help meet the business needs of our customers by combining best practices with contemporary technology and our unique for-purpose organisation industry knowledge, in delivering commercially viable solutions.

Our Awards

2014 Melbourne Design
2014 Sydney Design
2017 Genesys Giveback
2018 PMAA - Organisation\Change Management (under Diabetes Australia, for National Helpline)