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Health Professionals

An information and resources hub for health professionals to support, empower and campaign for people living with diabetes, developed by Diabetes Victoria.

Read our guide on how working with DiabePlease visit the NDSS for a full list of NDSS resources for health professionals, covering such topics:
  • Assisting people with diabetes to access professional psychological support
  • Assisting people who have an intellectual disability order
  • Continuous and flash glucose monitoring
  • Diabetes management in aged care
  • Diabetes and emotional health
  • Emergency guide for local councils, emergency services and the not-for-profit sector
  • National Diabetes Nursing Education Framework
  • Pre-pregancy planning and care for women with diabetes
  • Sick day management
  tes Victoria can help you and people living with diabetes.
Working with Diabetes Victoria


Carb Counting resources

Developed by our own dietitians, these resources are designed for people living with diabetes to be used with their dietitian.


General practice program

The General Practice Program was established to optimise the delivery of evidence-based diabetes initiatives throughout Victorian general practice


Gwen Scott Grant Program

The Gwen Scott Grant Program provides financial support to health professionals and students who are Diabetes Victoria health professional members


Short & Sweet

Short & Sweet is a fortnightly update from the Diabetes Victoria library on the latest research, information, publications and news on diabetes.


Life! program for professionals

The Life! program supports people at high risk of type 2 diabetes,heart disease or stroke to modify their lifestyle to prevent the onset of disease...



With the rise in diabetes and the increasing complexity of management, health professionals need to keep abreast of the latest information, advances...