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There is a vast range of informative booklets and sheets that provide hints and tips on living with diabetes.  They are a great resource for people with diabetes, health professionals and students. In this section your can order publications online, view NDSS facts sheets and the Diabetes Victoria resources which have been developed.

To order hard copy information sheets and Diabetes Victoria resources online please visit our new shop by clicking the SHOP menu in the top right of the screen.  Please take the time to register your details for access.

Diabetes Information Sheets can also be accessed via the NDSS website.


A kid in your life (PDF) – A handbook to help you share the care of your child with type 1 diabetes
Alcohol & type 1 diabetes (PDF)
Having a healthy baby (PDF) - a guide to planning and managing pregnancy for women with type 1 diabetes
High & low - type 1 diabetes - the things you need to know (PDF)
Drug use & type 1 diabetes (PDF)
Insulin pumps for people with type 1 diabetes (PDF)
Living with D-Kids (PDF) – Parenting journeys with type 1 diabetes
Moving on Up - a guide for young adults with diabetes (PDF) or (eBook)

Sexual health & contraceptive choices for young women with type 1 (PDF)
Sick days & type 1 diabetes (PDF)
Travelling & type 1 diabetes (PDF)
Type 1 essentials – Information to share with family and friends about living with type 1 diabetes
Type 1 diabetes checklist – Quick guide to your healthcare appointments and checks
Understanding type 1 diabetes (PDF)