Diabetes Community Network Support Groups

Diabetes support groups are an excellent way to meet other people with diabetes and learn from each other.  People who attend support groups find the support important as it helps them be more positive in managing their diabetes – in fact people who attend support groups have less depression and fewer complications.

With the number of people diagnosed with diabetes growing every year, information about managing diabetes, raising awareness and providing diabetes support in our community is vital if people are to stay well.

Diabetes support groups are an opportunity to share information and hear about other people’s experiences of living with diabetes.  They can provide support, education and information in an inclusive environment amongst peers, family and carers.   Support groups can promote health and wellbeing and help people lead fuller lives through education, information and professional and peer support.

The Community Network Program

Research has shown that members of support groups, such as the Community Network Program (ComNet), are more confident about their diabetes, are less depressed and less stressed - in part because they have the knowledge to better manage their diabetes.

ComNet can help you better understand how to manage your type 1 or type 2 diabetes and any associated complications as well as understand how to live with a chronic illness in a positive and empowering environment. 
Some members of ComNet have said that their quality of life has improved because of the friendships and support they receive from people within their diabetes support group.

You will make new friends and learn from others by sharing experiences and information.  You will also build skills and knowledge to help you advocate for yourself and for the needs of others within DA–Vic.

What does ComNet provide?

  • Resources about diabetes information and research
  • Credentialed diabetes educators and dietitians
  • A quarterly ComNet newsletter
  • Current diabetes fact sheets to help you manage your diabetes
  • The opportunity to participate in community information sessions and Community Network State conferences
  • Financial support for your group through a Community Network Program Grant
  • Access to ComNet type 1 and type 2 program coordinators.

Type 1 & type 2 diabetes support groups

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes support groups aim to improve the knowledge and skill levels of people with diabetes, by providing them with resources and support to effectively manage their diabetes.

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes support groups are located across the state and provide an opportunity to build friendships and gain access to professional health and wellbeing information.

Diabetes support groups regularly hold diabetes information seminars with guest speakers covering a variety of issues facing people living with diabetes.

View the type 1 and type 2 diabetes support groups across the state

All of the Community Network diabetes support groups are open to people with diabetes, their families and carers.
If you would like to know more about a support group in your local area including its activities, please contact the Community Network group convenor or ring the Community Network coordinator on (03) 9667 1721.

Community forums are open to members of the Community Network and to the public.

For more information about ComNet support groups and the Community Network Program contact:

Kelly Rossmann (Community Network Program Coordinator Type 2)
Phone + 61 3 9667 1732
Facsimile + 61 3 9667 1778
1300 136 588
Email:  krossmann@diabetesvic.org.au

Elise Perillo (Engagement Officer - Type 1 and Community Programs)
Phone + 61 3 9667 1721
Facsimile + 61 3 9667 1778
1300 136 588
Email: eperillo@diabetesvic.org.au