Diabetes is a serious and complex condition that affects at least 1.7 million Australians. It is the seventh and eighth leading cause of death in females and males respectively, and the fourth largest contributor to overall disease burden in Australia. The costs associated with diabetes are substantial. The total cost of diabetes annually in Victoria has been estimated to be as high as $3.6 billion.

As the voice for the diabetes community, Diabetes Victoria places diabetes high on the agenda of change makers through our advocacy and awareness-raising efforts. We promote issues and campaigns to address the impact of diabetes in our community, lead the way in diabetes prevention, management and research and maximise health resources to assist people living with diabetes.

Diabetes Victoria works with many partner organisations, committees and communities to maximise our reach and impact for our campaigns. Among our partner organisations are The Parents’ Voice and The Obesity Policy Coalition.

National Diabetes Week 2017: Invisible Condition 

National Diabetes Week 2017

People with diabetes look like everybody else

National Diabetes Week is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about all types of diabetes and how this condition affects Australians. Every day, almost 300 Australians develop diabetes. This year, Diabetes Victoria is launching a digital awareness campaign to coincide with National Diabetes Week 2017 (9-15 July). Our Invisible Condition campaign is directed to all people affected by, or at risk of, diabetes.
This campaign aims to raise awareness of all types of diabetes and highlights the invisible nature of diabetes; why diabetes is too important to ignore; how people can take a stand; and how they can make their mark by asking their local Member of Parliament to provide more funding for diabetes research – which may lead to a cure.
Diabetes Victoria is calling on all Victorians to support this campaign to help raise awareness of diabetes during National Diabetes Week 2017.

Ways to support the campaign:

  • Share our 30-second video highlighting the fact that diabetes is an invisible condition which affects people from all walks of life.
  • Display our campaign materials in a prominent place.
  • Download and share the social media tiles and prepared posts. Don't forget to use the hashtag: #InvisibleCondition
  • Link your posts to our campaign website: invisiblecondition.org.au (live from 3 July)
  • Share your story via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.
  • Sign our petition (from 3 July) or write a letter to your local Member of Parliament highlighting that diabetes is too important to ignore.
  • Donate to Diabetes Victoria here to help fund vital services and research.

Campaign materials:

Help spread awareness about diabetes. Register for a campaign kit online now and we’ll send it out to you in the first week of July.