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Diabetes Victoria Blog

Join the discussion in our blog where a variety of writers from all walks of life take a stance on current diabetes issues.

Apps in focus: sixth edition

This month, accredited practising dietitian, Ivan Chan, reviews the latest health apps for:
  • Seeing a doctor after-hours
  • Keeping safe in the sun
  • Managing medications
  • Quitting nicotine

13SICK – National Home Doctor

Platform: Apple (iOS) / Android
Cost: free

Have you ever needed a doctor at short notice, but your local clinic has closed for the day? To see a fully qualified doctor after hours, or to have a GP visit your home, you can access the National Home Doctor Service.

This bulk-billed service is designed for non-routine care, for instance when you or a family member becomes unwell. Please note the service does not cover emergency services or routine care. In a medical emergency, call 000 for urgent care. For routine care, like filling prescriptions or getting referrals, see your regular GP during normal business hours instead.

The service is available from:
  • 6pm on weekdays
  • 12pm on Saturdays
  • All-day Sunday and public holidays
You can book an appointment by:
  • Phone: 13 SICK (13 7425)
  • Website:
  • App: 13SICK – National Home Doctor
The app will request your regular GP’s details, as the National Home Doctor Service sends a medical report to your GP after you use the service. This keeps them informed of your ongoing care needs and any follow-up action if required.


Platform: Apple (iOS), Android
Cost: free
As the weather warms up, you may think more about heading outdoors for physical activity to manage your diabetes and improve your health. If so, remember to protect your skin.

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation causes sunburn, eye damage and skin cancer – not the heat or air temperature. Using the location on your device, this app provides up-to-date sun protection advice using data from the Bureau of Meteorology and Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.

You can program the app to alert you when sun protection is most needed – you may be surprised to learn that sun protection is often needed even on overcast days.  You can also use the app to set alerts for reminders to reapply sunscreen.


Platform: Apple (iOS), Android
Cost: free

Do you want an app that helps you organise your medications in the one place?

This app can be used for yourself or your children or elderly loved ones under Carer mode. The app reminds you when to take different medications and can be helpful if you or a love one take different medications at different times, or if you’re caring for someone who may not manage their medications as well.

The app notifies you when your medications and prescriptions are running low, to help you organise new scripts with your GP. You can use this app to pre-order your medications to reduce waiting time at your pharmacist. If you’re travelling, you can even use it to buy medications away from home from affiliated pharmacies linked to the app.

It also contains useful information on medications, like side effects and precautions.

Quit Genius – quit smoking

Platform: Apple (iOS), Android
Cost: free for basic (paid premium features available)

This is another app to help people quit smoking or vaping, but it’s one of the few that rate well in helping people change their behaviours around quitting nicotine.

With input from psychologists and doctors, the app prepares you to quit by:
  • Helping identify your personal triggers towards smoking or vaping and tailoring strategies to your needs
  • Using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help you change the way you think about smoking
  • Providing support even after you quit, to help you stay away.
Features include:
  • Audio sessions
  • Exercises
  • Quizzes
  • Reminders
  • Information about smoking

Information accessed 23/09/20.

We encourage you to explore the above apps if they meet your individual needs. They work best when you involve your diabetes team.
If you have any comments or ideas about apps or technology in general, please write to: - we'd love to hear from you.