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Additional information and resources

This section covers additional information that people with diabetes may need.

Appearing in court

Going to court can impact your general wellbeing, blood glucose and stress levels. No matter why you have to appear in court, courts can be stressful places. Find out more about how to prepare for a court appearance.

Online health information

There is a lot of health information on the internet, from the latest medical research to personal stories of those living with diabetes. Not all information found online is useful or highly regarded. Find out more about searching for health information online.

Travelling with assistance dogs

If you want to fly with your assistance dog, you will need to check with the airline whether they accept assistance dogs before you buy your ticket. Currently each airline company has a different approach and policy. Find out more about travelling with assistance dogs.


Living with a chronic illness brings about lifestyle changes. WorkWellfareWills fills an important gap for people with a chronic illness providing information and guidance on issues such as health privacy, superannuation, insurance, social security entitlements, wills, workplace discrimination and powers of attorney.

Living with a chronic illness brings about lifestyle changes.

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