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Connecting the peer support network

As part of our peer support program, Victorian peer support convenors are invited to attend our annual Linked Into Peer Support event. For the first time this year, convenors had the opportunity to attend any of the 3 training days offered during March.
We often find that peer support convenors are natural born leaders who are empowered to support their group members living with or affected by diabetes. Diabetes Victoria’s peer support program supports more than 80 groups throughout the state and follows a consumer-led model whereby our role is to support and not direct the groups we are affiliated with.
This year’s annual training was developed in consultation with convenors and the Health Issues Centre, with the aim to provide convenors with topics they were wanting and needing to learn more about.

Some of the 2018 Peer Support Convenor training participants.

Participants had the opportunity to talk about all things peer support; including challenges they face running a group. They also had the chance to share the achievements of their groups and what they found worked successfully for them.
Conversations between the groups were dynamic and addressed the need for peer support leaders to also be supported.
Roslyn Brown, Banyule peer support convenor spoke of the atmosphere and learnings of the day:
“The whole day was very well run, informal but organised, well thought out and planned.
The brainstorming of ideas was a great help, so many good suggestions to put into practise. One example was to ‘delegate’ that you don’t have to do everything yourself.
It is reassuring to know that Diabetes Victoria is there to help us when we need it. We sincerely recommend attending one of these sessions if they are run again next year”
The connections made and information shared was invaluable to all and assists Diabetes Victoria in providing relevant resources and information.