Travel can be fun, exciting and adventurous and having diabetes shouldn't change that. So, if you have diabetes it's important that you research, plan and prepare for a successful trip.

Important Update – Medical devices and airport security
If you wear a medical device for the management of your type 1 diabetes and are planning domestic or international travel, under no circumstances is your medical device to be removed or exposed to a CT, MRI, or high frequency X-ray. 

This includes an insulin pump, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensors and transmitters, worn and unworn and contained in any hand luggage. 
  •  AMSL Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pumps
  • Dexcom G6 glucose sensors and transmitters
  • Medtronic insulin pumps
  • Medtronic Enlite and Guardian sensors and transmitters
This is because the X-ray machines used by airport security systems can damage such devices.
We recommend you ask airport security staff for a private space for visual inspection or inspection via a body wand.
Make sure you have a letter with you from your diabetes treating team/specialist to show airport security staff that clearly states ... This medical device must not be removed

Also make sure the letter lists all the medications and medical devices contained in your hand luggage by product name and that these are not to be exposed to a CT, MRI, or high frequency X-ray.