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Living Well Event Series

Living Well with Diabetes Victoria is a series of events across Victoria designed to give people living with diabetes the latest news and information to help them live their best, healthiest lives.

Find a full list of upcoming events below - click on each for details and information on how to book.

An event for people living with diabetes

Wednesday 21 November 2018
Swan Hill Town Hall, 53-57 McCallum St, Swan Hill VIC 3585
Join us for a day of interactive information sessions. We will connect you to leading experts in the field of diabetes, product suppliers, health professionals and local health services.

Type 2 session (2–4.30pm)
Click here to read more about the type 2 stream and BOOK TODAY

Type 1 session (6–8.30pm)
Click here to read more about the type 1 stream and BOOK TODAY