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The Journey to a Cure 

Right now, we face some big challenges. Did you know that in the last decade while rates of diabetes diagnoses have increased, funding for research has significantly declined?  

Funding the journey to a cure is the way forward, but right now diabetes research is under threat as funding available is less than ever.   

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You, our generous donors, are a major funder of the Diabetes Australia Research Program. This is one of the greatest ways in which your donation can make a difference this tax time. Here, Professor Dodd shares his insights with us. 

You can help safeguard the future of diabetes research 

Dr. Holmes-Truscotts shares her efforts to reduce diabetes stigma worldwide. Read more.

Lyana shares her personal journey with type 1 diabetes, highlighting her hope for the future of diabetes research. Read more.

As part of our community, we understand many of you live with diabetes. Many of you also care for loved ones living with diabetes. The impact of diabetes research is close to home. Please support the journey to a cure today. Together, we can safeguard the future of diabetes research. 
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