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Welcome to Diabetes Victoria's technology hub!

We are here to keep you updated on the latest advances in diabetes management technology. From continuous glucose monitoring systems to smartphone apps, our health professionals have the latest information for you.
Explore resources, community programs, and get expert advice. Let's navigate the ever-changing world of diabetes tech together!
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What exactly is blood glucose monitoring (BGM) and why is it important?
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Choosing the right smartphone app for your needs.
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Can Diabetes Management Apps Help You?
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Make an informed choice when it comes to AID technology.
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Back to Basics: Continuous glucose monitoring
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The top features of continuous glucose monitors explained.
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Understanding Time in Range with
Cynthia Ziebell, Credentialled DNE

SMART Insulin pens are here!Diabetes tech and health checks

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Diabetes & tech: tell us your story!
We want to hear from you.
Technology can be a slow start,
and that's OK.
'I could finally let go of the anger
of living with diabetes.'
We remember and salute the friends, family and
supporters of all people living with diabetes. 

‘It all sounded a bit scary to me.
You need to be brave!’
Viewing the world and living life
back on his feet
How much does
technology cost?
'I’ve just had my one-year
pump anniversary'
Kellion medallists share how new tech
has changed their diabetes journey. 
Dramatic change attributed to two things:
pumping and a wonderful endo
Our love/hate relationship with
diabetes technology
Lending a helping hand day and night,
at home and away