Support groups bring together people who share common experiences, conditions, concerns, goals or interests. They offer people an opportunity to improve their quality of life through mutual support and education. They can also bring about change for themselves and the wider community.

The peer support program is a service offered by Diabetes Victoria to facilitate and empower all members of diabetes support groups. The program:

  • Provides information to members and the general public about Diabetes Victoria.
  • Facilitates and coordinates community education forums in metropolitan Melbourne, regional and rural areas.
  • Works with health care professionals including dietitians, podiatrists and diabetes educators to raise awareness of diabetes complications and management.
  • Advocates for change and better lifestyle options through community support and education.

Diabetes Victoria provides insurance, small annual grants and ongoing support and resources to all peer support groups. In return, peer support groups provide their local communities with safe and friendly environments to meet and support other community members living with diabetes, while helping to raise awareness and funds for Diabetes Victoria in their local communities.

We have both type 1type 2 and mixed peer support groups.

Diabetes Victoria Peer Support Groups Map


  Type 1  Type 2  Mixed Group, both type 1 and 2

Please search through the map to find a support group in your local area. Click on T1, T2 or M tile, to reveal more information about the respective type of support group in your area.

*Please note: Peer support groups are for adults aged 18 and over, including groups for parents and carers of people living with diabetes. For children and teenagers under 18 years of age, Diabetes Camps Victoria provide an opportunity for young people living with diabetes to connect with each other through camps and day activities. Find out more about Diabetes Camps Victoria.

*Please note: Contact details are provided for individuals seeking diabetes peer support. Organisations and other businesses must not contact group convenors for purposes of marketing or market research.

Why peer support group is important for people living with diabetes?