Diabetes is a serious and complex condition that affects at least 1.7 million Australians. It is the seventh and eighth leading cause of death in females and males respectively, and the fourth largest contributor to overall disease burden in Australia. The costs associated with diabetes are substantial. The total cost of diabetes annually in Victoria has been estimated to be as high as $3.6 billion.

As the voice for the diabetes community, Diabetes Victoria places diabetes high on the agenda of change makers through our advocacy and awareness-raising efforts. We promote issues and campaigns to address the impact of diabetes in our community, lead the way in diabetes prevention, management and research and maximise health resources to assist people living with diabetes.

Diabetes Victoria works with many partner organisations, committees and communities to maximise our reach and impact for our campaigns. Among our partner organisations are The Parents’ Voice and The Obesity Policy Coalition.

Nurses make the difference

This year, the World Diabetes Day campaign focuses on promoting the role of nurses in the prevention and management of diabetes. Diabetes is a complex and serious condition that requires careful day-to-day management. This can be overwhelming, especially for those newly diagnosed. This is why we’d like to thank all nurses and health professionals for their help and assistance.


Did you know that 2020 is also the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife? Reason enough for us to invite diabetes nurse educator Deb Gooley as special guest to our Living Well with Diabetes podcast, hosted by former AFL player Jack Fitzpatrick.

In the podcast, which will be available on 12 November, the two chat about Deb’s career and how she has been supporting people living with, or affected by, diabetes. You can catch up on this and all other episodes here: diabetesvic.org.au/podcasts


Our new video, part of the Back to Basics series, explains the role nurses play for people living diabetes. The sixty second video explores how nurses can help people when they are newly diagnosed with diabetes, need other diabetes management guidance or have gestational diabetes.

The video will be launched on 9 November, and you can watch it here:

A thank you message to the Diabetes Nurse Educators out there from Eddie, Walaa and Kate:

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Joining the international Blue Monument Challenge on World Diabetes Day, Diabetes Victoria will raise awareness of the impact that diabetes has on those who live with the condition, as well as their families and support networks.

On 14 November, Diabetes Victoria will head to regional Victoria to light up part of the GMHBA Stadium at Kardinia Park in Geelong in blue - as a testament to the worldwide effort to raise awareness about the seriousness and complexity of this condition.